Puressence is a health and environmentally conscious company whose aim is to provide the purest quality of air and water to our customers.  We use the latest innovations in technology to provide Advanced Indoor Air Quality and Water Treatment Solutions for our clients.

We are distributors for Fresh-Aire UV Germicidal Ultraviolet Light systems.  These systems kill 99.9% of mold, bacteria, allergens and viruses from air conditioned spaces, including the H1N1 Swine and all other strains of the flu virus, (including bird flu), and virtually all other airborne viruses without the use of chemicals.  They create a healthier environment while providing tremendous cost savings.  Persons with allergies, asthma and respiratory issues would benefit greatly from these products, and home owners will appreciate that the product eliminates unpleasant household odors and chemical vapors.  Fresh-Aire UV systems are available in residential and commercial sizes.

Fresh-Aire UV can provide you with the following:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Reduced HVAC system maintenance

Extend System Life

Help to Reduce Energy Costs

It is our aim to help companies reduce cost by creating a healthier indoor environment.  Poor indoor air quality can lead to what is known as Sick Building Syndrome which causes persons entering the effected environment to be more receptive to illnesses.  In addition to improved indoor air quality, you will reap the added benefits of reduced energy cost, reduced maintenance costs to your air conditioning system and higher efficiency because your system is cleaner.

Should you be looking to incorporate a low cost, low maintenance, energy efficient approach to maintaining air conditioning units, Fresh-Aire UV is the product that you have been looking for.  We carry ultraviolet light systems that can service 2-200 ton HVAC systems, central air, chill water systems, PTACs and Fan Coils and ductless units.  We also carry UV systems for Ice Machines. 

We sell water treatment and reverse osmosis systems for fresh and brackish water wells, as well as sea water systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We can improve water conditions from any source.  In addition to our water products we design sanitation systems for rain water tanks, to fit the needs of our clients. Clients can also depend on us for parts, service, and upgrades to ensure that they receive the best quality water with the best delivery systems.

Some of our specialty and upgrade services include the installation of metering systems, ultraviolet light and ozonation for improved sanitization, pre and post chemical treatments services, and solutions to odor issues such as hydrogen sulfide. Systems are designed based on client needs and challenges.

We are also distributors for SpectraLight Technologies, makers of revolutionary pool care products.  We sell SpectraLight Ultraviolet that uses ultraviolet light technology to sanitize swimming pools.  This reduces pool maintenance costs through lowered chlorine use, and creates a healthier environment for swimmers, as less chemicals are being used for the sanitization process.  In addition to this we also carry EcoPump pool pumps that reduce energy usage by 85%.